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SVLT Vapor Strawberry Sour Belt High NicSalt E-Liquid Review
Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins E-Juice Review
SMPL Juice Krazy Kandy Eliquid Review
Cheap E-Juice Blue Razz Pixy Blend Review
Crumbs Blueberry Muffin E- Liquid Review
Innokin Kroma Kit Review

SVLT Vapor Strawberry Sour Belt High NicSalt E-Liquid Review

Strawberry Sour Belt High Nicsalt e-liquid is a good replication of everyone favorite strawberry sour belts candy. The lip-smacking sweet and sour taste with gummy undertones is almost the same. So I am calling out all lovers of a strawberry sour belt to give this e-juice a shot.

“A mouth-wateringly sweet strawberry candy sprinkled with sour sugar. This is a collaboration between Humble Juice Co. and Solace Vapor. Enjoy!”

Strawberry Sour Belt Salt by SVLT Vapor has a mouth-watering sweet strawberry and a lip-smacking sour taste. This is a good blend with the perfect balance between sweet and sour. You need to hold on to your seat as the inhale surprises your taste buds with a bursting flavor of sweet strawberry. The taste is authentic and natural you might even mistake this for a real strawberry candy if you close your eyes. It is simply unbeatable. On the other hand, the exhale is pure bliss as your mouth is tingled with a sour taste. You will love how the sweet and sour taste of this e-juice complements each other well.

After such a memorable vaping experience, I can conclude that Strawberry Sour Belt Salt is one of the few outstanding nicotine salts e-liquids on the market today. This premium e-juice offers a nice mouth-to-lung vaping experience. The vapor goes down smooth while leaving you with a pure and authentic aftertaste. This vape juice comes in two nicotine concentration levels. It is available with 30 mg and 50 mg of nicotine.

This vape juice contains both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol at a ratio of 50/50 percent. Generally speaking, nic salts e-liquids are stronger than e-liquids made with traditional freebase nicotine. So prepare yourself for a strong throat hit that is surprisingly neither overwhelming nor overbearing.

You can purchase a 30-mL bottle of Strawberry Sour Belt Salt e-liquid for as low as $15.99 at The vape juice contains natural and artificial flavoring, USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerine, and USP nicotine salts. All SVLT Vapor products are pre-steeped for at least two weeks so you can start vaping this e-juice as soon as you receive it in your mail.

For those who do not know anything about nicotine salts, here are some quick facts about it. Nicotine salt is are making headlines as it is providing vapers with a different kind of vaping experience.

So what are the advantages of using nicotine salt? A single puff of an e-juice containing nicotine salts delivers more nicotine. This means you do not have to vape as much like your regular e-liquid. Vaping nicotine salt e-liquids also provide a more similar sensation to smoking. What is good is that you do not need higher powered devices to do so. Even small pocket-sized devices like pod systems and vape pens are enough to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Furthermore, vaping nicotine salt e-liquids produces a smooth sensation. You will not feel any harshness even when vaping high nicotine concentration levels.

I bet I’ve got you interested now. But are nicotine salts for you? It is easy for us to jump on every new fad, but nicotine salts are not everyone’s cup of tea. Nicotine salts are recommended for transitioning smokers who desire the strongest e-liquids. It also suits well for seasoned vapers who a smooth vaping experience. By the way, do not use sub ohm tanks for highly concentrated nicotine salt e-liquids (18 mg level and below are only allowed).

Overall, I highly recommend Strawberry Sour Belt Salt e-liquid by SVLT Vapor for those who love candies and sweet e-juices. It has a nice vapor production with a smooth throat hit. The packaging is simple yet straightforward. You might think the price is way too much, but since this is a High NicSalt e-liquid, you will not need more. This e-liquid will easily satisfy your nicotine cravings.


Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins E-Juice Review

First off, admit it. The reason you probably got this vape juice is that you were so intrigued by its name. Some of you may have not even read any reviews about this because hey, this e-juice sounds and looks cool. I am guilty as you guys, but here’s my review about Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins e-juice.

“Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins e-Juice is a mixed berry filled creme brulee donut that will absolutely knock your socks off!”

Now, who would have thought this is made of donuts? But anyways, The Angry Munchkins is a ridiculously delicious vape juice that will leave you craving for more. It is packed with Crème Brulee munchkins filled with mixed berries and topped off with a healthy dose of condensed milk for some added sweetness. I am totally out of words for these birds!

Impressively, this vape liquid is true to its flavor profile. And thanks to this, you won’t probably look at munchkins the same way again. Vaping The Angry Munchkins is like eating the real deal… no not birds but munchkin donuts mixed berry fillings. Going in, this vape liquid will take your taste buds to another sphere as sweet, sugary glazed taste awakens all of your senses. On the way out, you will definitely fall for the bursting flavors of mixed berry fillings that coat the taste of the glazed donut from the inhale.  The flavor seeps into your mouth and stays there pleasantly for a while.

You immediately will smell the freshly baked donut with some twists of berries scent once you open a bottle of The Angry Munchkins. Truly, this is simply one of the best-flavored e-juices that you will find on the market today. The sweetness is just right and you will never get tired of the flavor. The cool thing is that there is no artificial taste from this e-juice. Although the vaping market is packed with donut-based e-juices, Food Fighter nailed it this time with The Angry Munchkins.

The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 80/20. This is perfect for transporting enough flavor in the vapor while producing abundant clouds. When you vape, you will definitely experience the nice cool freshness. You will also definitely love its aroma. Cloud chasers like the VG/PG ratio for another reason. Aside from getting a mouthful of wonderful taste, the fact that there is only a mild throat hit allows them to perform several tricks with the clouds. The clouds are thick and fluffy. The perfect type of cloud for performing different tricks.

The sensational The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter is available in three different strengths of nicotine. Your choices are 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg level or no nicotine content suits new vapers or vapers who do not have any nicotine cravings to satisfy. The 3 mg version or low nicotine is preferred byvapers who are looking for a little bit of nicotine but in a subtle amount. Lastly, the 6 mg level or low nicotine is for those seeking that extra kick or those who are substantial smokers. It is important to note though that finding the right nicotine level is more of a personal preference. And yes, it might require a little experimentation on your end to see which one will work best for you. In the end, trust me, this is all going to be worth it.

With simple and attractive packaging, Food Fighter The Angry Munchkins has a bottle that is clear and a sticker boldly bearing the flavor name. The images printed on the front part of the bottle will definitely remind you of the famous mobile game Angry Birds. Yes, four birds with their fierce, angry faces.

You will also see a few information about the product on the sides. You will not have to worry about spilling the contents since the bottle cap is tightly secured in place. The bottle comes with a dripper style cap. However, don’t let the artistry of the bottle fool you as its content is absolutely mind-blowing. And nahh… you won’t be making an angry face while vaping this e-juice. In fact, this will draw a huge smile on your face. The Angry Munchkins by Food Fighter is available in a 120-mL bottle for a cool price of only $14.99. Shop at Ultimate Vape Deals for the best vape juice prices.

SMPL Juice Krazy Kandy Eliquid Review

Krazy Kandy eliquid by SMPL Juice delivers a delicious combination of your favorite carnival treat. This vape juice will surely deliver a ‘krazy’ type of vape experience that just refuses to quit. With this, you will definitely experience layered flavors that never seemed to end.

“Krazy Kandy Eliquid excites the taste buds with a smooth and delicious taffy flavor complimented by blue raspberry cotton candy.”

The instant you unscrew the cap off the bottle, you will immediately smell blue raspberries. But when you vape it, the taste of your all-time favorite carnival cotton candy treat is more prominent. The taste will definitely take you to those good old days of fun under the sun at seaside state fairs. Expect the chewy and sweet taffy taste mixed with the blue raspberry cotton candy flavor both on the inhale and exhale. This is just totally mouthwatering it will make you want to come back for more.

Another thing that caught my attention is how this ejuice was packaged. It comes in a 120 ml chubby gorilla plastic bottle. It has a child resistant cap and a narrow drip tip that allows you to transfer the eliquid into any dripper or atomizer directly and conveniently. The label, which is wrapped around the bottle, is printed with triangles of different sizes and colors. Perhaps it is the color combination of sky blue and baby pink that has drawn me to this. The label also displays information about the ejuice such as the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, size, manufacturing date, and expiration date, to name a few.

With a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30, the throat hit is mildly pleasant. It gives a kick that is enough to let you know it is there. Krazy Kandy vape juice is made of USP propylene glycor, USP vegetable glycerin, USP nicotine, and natural and artificial flavorings. Whether you are a cloud or flavor chaser, you will undoubtedly fall for this ejuice. Clouds are huge and fluffy, and do not disperse easily. Feel magical and youthful as you enjoy the blue raspberry cotton candy-scented clouds!

The Krazy Kandy eliquid has three nicotine strengths to choose from. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg of nicotine. Non-smokers who want to try vaping without nicotine can use the 0 mg version for their vaping pleasure. Meanwhile, those soon-to-be ex-smokers looking to quit the icy sticks can pick between the 3 mg and 6 mg of nicotine for this ejuice. Light smokers who smoke less than 10 cigarette sticks a day are recommended to use either 3 mg or 6 mg.

However, the things I mentioned above are not concrete and strictly must-follow rules when picking the right nicotine level for you. Factors such as taste and throat hit as well as the mod setup should be first put into consideration. That being said, picking the correct nicotine level is a personal preference. You should explore for yourself to see what level will satisfy you most.

Friendly advice to the newbies; vape juices can be really sensitive to light and heat. And these will hasten the nicotine oxidation process. So, properly storing your ejuices is vita. It must be kept in a dark cool dry place so its original flavor can be preserved longer. Do not expose it to sudden extreme temperatures, as this can have negative effects on the ejuice. Storing it in the fridge until you are ready to vape can be a good long-term storage technique as well.

Now, Krazy Kandy may blow your mind but not your pocket. This good tasting ejuice with a decent throat hit is not a pain in the wallet at all. In fact, that hefty 120 ml bottle that will probably last up to weeks for an average user only costs $15.00. I bet you are as surprised as I was. Why should you pay more when you can have that same quality and taste offered by expensive brands?

Overall, I am highly recommending the Krazy Kandy eliquid by SMPL Juice. This is a perfect go-to if you are tired of the usual fruit or dessert vape juices. SMPL Juice also has other interesting flavors in its lineup, in case you are wondering.

Cheap E-Juice Blue Razz Pixy Blend Review

My feelings were a bit mixed when my friend gifted me this Blue Razz Pixy from Cheap E-Juice. She said she can’t get over it and I should give this a try. First of all, candy flavors are really not my bag so I was a bit skeptical. However, after a few convincing chat exchanges with the sender, I finally gave in and wet my cotton. Now, I can’t stop thanking her for giving me this.

The Blue Razz Pixy blend is undeniably one of the best candy-flavored blends I have ever tasted. I have to agree when one reviewer said that its flavor intensity is just perfect. (Yes, I was that skeptical I had to read some reviews first.) It was tweaked to perfection — a little lower than this will result to a total lackluster, giving more intensity will make this hard to pass as an all-day vape.

Opening this bottle is like opening a bag of those blue raspberry candies. The sweet delicious scent immediately starts to fill in the air. Then if you do a taste test, it is as good as it smells.

“Blue Razz Pixy by Cheap eJuice is a Blue Raspberry Pixie Candy flavored e-juice that is just like a familiar childhood flavor that we all know and love.”

On both inhale and exhale, this blend will give you a consistent and pleasurable mix of the candied blue raspberry and sugar all throughout. It is not less intense on the way in that it is on the way out. Such consistency is really impressive. The flavor of the blue raspberry is sweet and very delicious. The vape’s texture also gives you that familiar feeling of bringing a tube of pixie stix straight into your mouth. This is undeniably a dream flavor for those who grew up with the blue raspberry pixie candies out there.

Despite being a candy-flavored e-juice, this is a pretty clean vape. It does not gunk up your coil or atomizers. I tried vaping this until lunch time but my cotton still looks nice and clean. This is another positive point for me.

The Blue Razz Pixy ejuice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Cloud and flavor chasers alike will surely go running after this vape juice. Flavor is spot on and awesome. Clouds, on the other hand, are huge and dense. It will unquestionably fill any room with raspberry candy scented clouds. This vape runs smooth and pleasant on the throat as well. It does not cause any nose burning sensation and will not leave your mouth and throat feeling dry like a desert.

There are two nicotine levels available for this ejuice – 3 mg and 6 mg. Although this is only a fraction compared with other brands that reach up to 24 mg, both deliver full-on flavor. No doubt about that. Since there are only two choices on the table, I recommend vaping newbies to get the lower one, while current vapers or previous cigarette smokers the higher one. Actually, the level largely depends on what kind of hit you want to attain. So I will leave the decision to you.

Other than crafting a splendid taste eliquid, Cheap E-Juice also knows how to make its product presentable and appealing. Just like its other bottles, the company went for the minimalistic look, making the bottles look neat, clean, and sophisticated. The eliquid comes in a 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. It has a narrow needle tip to make transfer of ejuice to any dripper or atomizer an effort-free task. The bottle is wrapped with a white label containing comprehensive facts about the ejuice. It includes the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warnings.

Overall, the Blue Razz Pixy eliquid from Cheap E-Juice will definitely by my go-to if I am in the mood for a candy flavor anytime soon. When I searched for this and checked the price, I was more convinced of how good this is not only in terms of quality but also of value. A 120-mL bottle of this mouth-watering ejuice only costs $12.99 at (Candy Flavors collection). Shop now while supplies last.

Crumbs Blueberry Muffin E- Liquid Review

Ever since I started baking, anything muffins or something with blueberry or strawberry are my favorites. I really enjoy the taste of it that’s why I was so excited when I found this Blueberry Muffin e-liquid from Crumbs. Since I am a baker, I have to admit that my expectations are pretty high, as in it should be as good my muffins (LOL). I plan to score this Crumbs e juice based on five categories, namely, presentation, cloud/vapor production, flavor, ADV (all-day vape), and price. Let’s see if this gets a perfect score.


The e-juice is stored in a clear bottle with a black dropper cap. The dropper cap is always a plus point for me as this gives you an easy time transferring the e-liquid from one container to another mess-free. I also like how the label was cut out so as to clearly reveal the blueberry muffin image. The instance you give this bottle a look, you will automatically know what you are expecting. It looks nice and sophisticated. The label also contains other information like the nicotine concentration level. So for the appearance, this deserves a 9.

Cloud/Vapor Production

This e-juice has a ratio of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It is made of natural and artificial flavor USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and USP nicotine. I am impressed that for a 70/30 e-juice like this, the cloud is pretty thick, dense, and does not disperse immediately. Vapor production is really solid. Two thumbs up plus a score of 8.5 on this category.


I am excited about the flavor as much as you are. As a baker, I always want that perfect balance of sweetness. And I always see to it that both the blueberry and muffin are in good shape and taste. Well, this flavor really lives up to its profile. “Warm, crumbly muffin flavor layered with candied blueberries and topped with a shower of sugar crystals. This is a muffin lover’s dream flavor.” The taste is really good and can be compared to a candy type of blueberry muffin of some sort. The inhale will give you the blueberry fruity flavor you must be waiting for. Then on the exhale, prepare for that fluffy and fresh muffin taste. Ahhh! This is not overly sweet and does not taste like those artificial sugar. The sweetness is nicel and light and makes you crave for more. Now as you know, your taste buds are also triggered by the scent. Well, as for this e-juice, the instance you get that lid off the bottle, you can brace yourself for that sweet blueberry smell. And since I love blueberries, I love it to bits! Flavor-wise, this baby deserves a 9.

ADV (All-day Vape)

As I mentioned earlier, this Blueberry Muffin e-juice by Crumbs is not the throat-irritating kind of blend. Again, the sweetness is well-balanced. In fact, this flavor runs smooth with no throat hit or nose burning sensation. Planning to make this an all-day vape? It will surely do the job! I vaped this for two straight weeks, set at 63 watts on my Leo. Man! It was one of the best vaping experiences I had. For this category, I am giving this an 8 and a half.


Now, I know price is always a factor especially for those who are on a budget. For the price and quality ratio, this is totally worth the investment. Buy online at and snatch a great deal of $24.99 for a 60-mL bottle. Price is great and affordable, so here’s a 9 for this category.

Overall, I am giving the Blueberry Muffin by Crumbs a score of 9 across the board. This is a flavor that you should definitely try especially if you are a pastry lover. Meanwhile, Crumbs is an e-liquid maker that offers mouth-watering muffin flavors. It currently has four unique e-juices on its lineup, and all offers that fresh fruity notes with sugary pastry undertones. Although this is a relatively small company, it commits to developing a certified clean e-juice made from premium ingredients to meet the standards of this industry. It also guarantees to turn your morning and vaping a little sweet than before. Visit its website now.

Innokin Kroma Kit Review

Innokin is back in the limelight, making a diminutive sub ohm kit that perfectly fits the palm of your hand – introducing the iTaste Kroma. Check out if this is a perfect match for your vaping needs. (Head on to

The Kroma mod comes with a natural fit 2-ml slipstream tank. It has a screw-on tank adapter that can accommodate any 510 tank or RBA of up to 24 mm. The 510 “inset” is created to work with the SlipStream tank that is included in the kit. However, you are still free to choose what tank you want to use. The 510 atomizer adapter will allow you to offset the inset and install any 510 atomizer you want. Just make sure it is compatible with the Kroma. It has a top-fill design and a child lock feature. It also comes with a dual adjustable airflow ring that can be found at the top part of the tank.

The mod comes with a built-in Aethon chipset. A brief trivia to tell: Aethon in Greek mythology was the name of the eagle that would torture Promethus every day by eating his kidney alive out of his body. Although Innokin did not really explain the history behind, but just like its namesake, the Aethon chipset is relatively fast, accurate and reliable.

The Aethon chipset allows you to switch between Voltage Wattage and Temperature Control modes using the common coil metal types. It also supports 2-amp fast charging. Want to know how fast that is? After draining Kroma’s internal 2,000 mAh battery, I charged it via the micro-USB charger to the PC, and voila, after just 90 minutes, my mod was back to its full battery life again.

The chipset has a precise temperature control feature which commits to no dry hits. It has a very quick fire time of 0.2 seconds. The Aethon also sees to it that the coil heads are all evenly heated and prevent hot spots in the coil to ensure a better vaping experience and longer coil life. It also has a noise cancellation feature on the power output.

At first glance, the entire kit looks pretty impressive and nicely designed. The included slipstream tank offers a TPD-compliant 2 mL capacity. It features a top-fill and coil system that is just like the OSUB One Kit or Smok’s Helmet Nano.

You can grab your own Kroma kit for as low as NZD $69.99 at The kit includes an iTaste Kroma 75W mod, a slipstream tank, a slipstream tank coil, a USB cable, and the very useful user manual. Colors available are black, white, and red.

If you are already an Innokin user, then the menu functions will all be familiar for you. The Kroma iTaste still is a three-click on/off mod. To toggle between the two modes, just press the power and up buttons simultaneously. If you click the power and down buttons at the same time for 3 seconds in TC mode, this enables pre-boost ramp-up and allows you to choose your output wattage between 25 watts and 75 watts.

The Kroma has a maximum output of up to 75 watts and max temperature of 600F (315C) when in Temperature Control mode. I suggest that for sub-ohm vaping, the 0.8 ohm Kanthal coil from the starter kit should be used, and the 0.5 ohm stainless steel coil for temperature control.

To change wattage, just hold either the up or down button for 3 seconds. After the wattage number prompts on the screen, press up or down to adjust as desired. Meanwhile, if you press the up and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, it will change the menu’s orientation depending if you are a left- or right-handed user.

If you want to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit in TC mode, just cycle above or below the respective maximum temperatures. The temperature reading will automatically change. The mod will also alert you to choose the type of coil you are using.

To sum this review up, an aesthetically pleasing and not gaudy device really deserves premium e-liquids. The rich, full flavor, and thick vapor blends of Caktus Juice promises its consumers a tasty mouth explosion. It has eight unique blends to offer; Strawberry, Tangy Grape, Pineapple, Tangy Apple, Watermelon, Toffee Apple, Strawberry Cream, and Berry Crunch. For as low as NZD $7.99, you can grab your own 10-ml bottle now only at NZ Ecig Store. All flavors come with different nicotine concentration levels as well.