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Lemon Cake High Nicsalt E-liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review
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Lemon Cake High Nicsalt E-liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review

Lemon Cake High Nicsalt is one of the best dessert flavored e-liquids on the market. This e-liquid contains the flavors of pound cake and lemon flavor. This e-juice has a pleasant all-around taste that tastes authentic. None of the flavors in this e-juice ever get overpowering in any way. This e-juice is the type that will impress you from the first hit you take. This e-liquid has a balanced taste that never gets artificial. The inhale of this Humble e-liquid is just as pleasant as the exhale. Lemon Cake High Nicsalt is the kind of e-liquid that you can vape all day long and not get bored.

Lemon Cake High Nicsalt is of high-quality e-liquid that is produced with top-notch ingredients. This vape juice contains vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 50/50 percent. You can vape Lemon Cake High Nicsalt with low wattage pod systems. Lemon Cake High NicSalt is one of those e-liquids that produces massive clouds of vapor with every hit you take.

Lemon Cake High NicSalt by Humble Juice Co. contains high-quality nicotine in different strength levels. Lemon Cake High NicSalt comes with 20mg and 35mg of nicotine. This e-liquid has a smooth and mellowed throat hit.

Lemon Cake NicSalt is manufactured in the United States by Humble Juice Co. This company is famous for its high-quality vape juice manufacturers in the world. Humble uses only premium quality ingredients in the production of all its e-juice blends. This vape juice company has many e-juice lines on the market.

Lemon Cake High NicSalt is part of the HMBL Salt e-liquid series. Besides HMBL, the other Humble Juice Co. e-liquid lines are Havoc, Havana, HMBL, Humble, Humble Ice, Reds.

Besides Lemon Cake High NicSalt, there are other flavors in the HMBL Salt series. The other flavors in the HMBL Salt line are 99 Pink Balloons High Nic Salt, Blue Blood High Nic Salt, Strawberry Sour Belt High Nic Salt, Watermelon Patch Salt High Nic Salt, Apple Pear Watermelon High Nic Salt, Mango Pineapple High Nic Salt, Grapefruit Peach High Salt, Apple Jay Jay High Nic Salt, and Strawberry Kiwi Jay High Nic Salt.

You can buy Lemon Cake High NicSalt e-liquid from the Humble Juice Co. online shop. A 30ml bottle of this premium can be purchased for $15.99. This vape juice comes with excellent packaging. And the bottle of Lemon Cake NicSalt comes with a label. You can find the nicotine level and other relevant information about Lemon Cake NicSalt on this label.

Humble Juice Co. has a customer friendly easy to use online shop that makes buying from them fun. This e-liquid also excellent customer service that will answer all your inquires. This company also has fast shipping your order will arrive in no time.

Lemon Cake High NicSalt has been steeped so you can start vaping immediately. Humble Juice Co. has a policy of steeping all its e-liquids for at least two weeks before they are sold.

Ice Ruby Red E-Liquid by Humble Ice Juice Review

Ice Ruby Red is a grapefruit and peach smoothie with a touch of menthol. The vape juice has a sweet and sharp flavor. On the inhale, you get the taste of peach, but you also get hints of citrus.  On the exhale, you can taste the grapefruit flavor. The vape juice is rich and creamy. It’s not overly sweet or sour. This is the perfect smoothie vape juice. You get a milkshake-like flavor that will captivate your palate. Ice Ruby Red is bursting with flavor.

Ice Ruby Red is very refreshing. This is the kind of e-liquid to vape when you are hanging out at the beach in a tropical weather.

Humble Juice has a team of expert mixologists who knows how to combine different flavors to tantalize your taste buds. The sweet and tangy combination is quite satisfying.

Ice Ruby Red by Humble Ice Juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 80/20. This e-juice is not easy on coils. You can choose to vape it with a tank or dripper. However, I enjoy vaping it with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

Humble Juice Company pre-steeps all its e-liquids for two weeks or more before they hit the shelves. The cloud production of Ice Ruby Red is quite remarkable. You will get huge, milky white clouds that linger in the air.

Ice Ruby Red is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg. Depending on the nicotine level that you select, you will get no throat hit at all or a mild one.

Ice Ruby Red comes in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. The Humble Ice Juice logo and some basic information about the product are printed on the bottle. The bottle of e-juice comes in a cardboard box.

Humble Juice has some of the best vape juice flavors on the market. The company is known for selling high-quality e-liquids at an affordable price. A 120ml bottle of Ice Ruby Red is available for only $24.99 at the Humble Juice online store. This company is currently offering a BOGO (buy one get one) deal which entitles you to two bottles of e-juice for the price of one. You can choose to get two bottles of the same e-liquid or any two e-liquid flavors that you want as long as they have the same bottle capacity.

Humble Juice offers free shipping for purchases of more than $19.99. The company also offers wholesale prices to retailers.

If you like smoothies, then Ice Ruby Red was made for you.  The blend of grapefruit, peach, and citrus is fantastic.  This is the kind of e-liquid that you can vape all day long; morning, afternoon or night. It is particularly enjoyable on hot summer days.

Humble Juice is an award-winning e-juice maker based in California. This is one of the most recognizable e-juice brands in the world. All the e-liquids from this company are made with top-shelf ingredients including USP vegetable glycerin, USP Propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavoring as well as USP NicSelect nicotine or NicSalt.

Kanger Togo Mini Kit Review

The Kanger TOGO Mini is an all-in-one starter kit, featuring an internal tank capacity of 3.8 ml. It is designed to utilize a direct voltage output to power coils in the tank. The battery that comes with it has a miliamp rating of 1,600 that is charged at a maximal rate of 1A to secure minimal downtime.

Speaking of direct voltage output, this method is based on the coil resistance and battery charge level. It is capable of powering a minimum atomizer resistance of 1.5 ohms. This is automatically adjusted when the on-board chip detects coil resistance. The Togo is based on the Child Lock Organic Cotton Coils (CLOCC) family and ships with a 0.5Ω SS316L coil and 1.0Ω Ni-Chrome MTL coil.

For the Kanger Togo, when a higher resistance item is installed, anticipate a lower wattage (that is, a maximum of 15 watts to be specific). Kanger also suggested that when a 0.5-ohm coil made from 316L Stainless Steel is installed, a wattage of 40 watts will be the maximum.

The Kanger Togo features a small, minimalist LED screen consisting of five vertically arranged LEDs to display the mod’s battery life. Its tank system could be found sitting directly adjacent to the chipset. Its tank is made of Pyrex glass and follows a threaded top-fill system. It uses a Delrin drip tip or a POM (polyoxymethylene), which is a type of thermoplastic or heat-resistant synthetic material. This prevents hot vapor from being absorbed by the material, thereby preventing burning risk to the lips of users whose machines are accidentally or unknowingly set at the highest setting. It also has other safety features including Low Resistance, Low Battery, 10 Second Overdraw, and Over-temperature protection.

The Kanger Togo Mini AIO Kit is ideal for beginners as it is not only very handy (with a size of 76.5 mm by 44 mm by 22.5 mm) but is also very easy to use (a single button operation). It actually requires no adjustments at all, making it a perfect mate for those who do not care about the intricacies of customizing a vape. All you need to do is just fill the tank and allow the coil to be saturated, and then you are all set to vape.

This device also employs the top-down coil system. This means that its e-juice reservoir resembles a cup, preventing possible leaks, although the atomizer coil comes down from the top of the unit. If you want to refill the tank, you need to remove the whole piece (starting from the drip-tip down). Then you can fill to the line etched into the body. If I were you, I would not go beyond that line as doing this will guarantee an e-liquid overflow. The airflow control, found at the top part of the device, can also easily be adjusted. Just rotate the airflow wheel clockwise or counterclockwise, depends if you want to increase or decrease the volume of air.

Surprisingly, the Kanger Togo kit produces good flavor and vapor. But since this comes with a direct voltage output, the battery level has a direct effect on the voltage output. In other words, the Kanger Togo will give you a pretty good vaping experience if the battery is at least 80% of the charge. As the power decreases, the vapor cloud size and flavor also lessen.

The Kanger Togo has a sandy looking texture and exterior coating, making it a perfect grip for its users. Based on the CUPTI and Argo platforms, the Togo maintains the side by side design and integrates a premium textured finish. This is definitely a great device for daily use. You can now grab your own kit for as low as AUD $44.95 at Colors available are black and red. Included in the box are a Togo Mini mod, a CLOCC (SUS316L) 0.5 ohm, a CLOCC (NiCr) 1.0 ohm, a Pyrex glass, a user manual, and a USB cord.

Some delicious, mouth-watering e-juices will surely complete the Kanger Togo package. If you are a sweet tooth and loves desserts, you should go for the fruity flavors of Caktus Juice. Blends available are Berry Crunch, Tangy Grape, Strawberry, Tangy Apple, Strawberry Cream, Watermelon, and Pineapple. Grab your own 30-ml bottle now for only AUD $15.95 at Caktus Vape.

Smpl Juice Orchard Fresh Eliquid Review

Smpl Juice has differently flavored e-juices and they have been in the vaping industry for over five years. Their e-liquids are made from exquisite ingredients. The company’s products are available on their website.

One of their best products is the Orchard Fresh Eliquid. It has the real flavor of apple, kiwi and pear fruits. You will love the fruity flavor of this e-liquid since it is very refreshing.

Flavor Description

Once you inhale the juice from Orchard Fresh Eliquid, you right away can taste the real apple fruit flavor. As the flavor seeps into your mouth, you will gradually taste the fruity flavor of kiwi and pear. This flavor is very refreshing and it feels like you are eating real fruits with this juice. There is no chemical aftertaste from Orchard Fresh Eliquid. You will not feel thirsty nor will your mouth get dry from this e-juice. This is very awesome because the flavors in the juice are so distinct that you can taste all of these. You will not get tried having this as your daily juice because the sweetness is just right. The fruity scent from this e-juice will make your mouth water. All you want to do once you smell it is indulging in the taste right away. This simple juice has been made delightfully tasty by the company. It is perfect for your everyday vape.

Nicotine Strength

You can choose three options of nicotine strengths from Orchard Fresh Eliquid. The options are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations.


The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of Orchard Fresh Eliquid is 70/30. There won’t be any issues vaping from your tank or dripping it because the juice has a medium level of thickness to it.

Throat Hit

Orchard Fresh Eliquid gives you a mild throat hit. Once you inhale the juice, you will feel a sensation that passes through your throat. This sensation is soothing and it does not irritate at all.

Vapor Production

Orchard Fresh Eliquid produces thick clouds. These clouds do not disappear right away. You will be impressed on how thick these clouds are and these are so nice to look at. There also will be a fruity scent coming from the juice that lingers longer in the air. This scent is so pleasant to your nose.


The first thing that you will notice from this product is its attractive packaging. The bottle has a combination of colors that are pleasing to the eyes. You will see green, light yellow, dark yellow, and red colors. As you take a closer look at the bottle, you will see that the company logo is printed clearly in front. The flavor name which is located in the lower part of the bottle is also vividly printed. You also will see the bottle capacity just below the flavor name. You do not have to worry about spilling the bottle’s contents because the bottle cap has been tightly locked in place.


Smpl Juice has different products and one of its best is the Orchard Fresh Eliquid. You can taste the real flavor of apple, kiwi, and pear fruits in the juice. The fruity flavor is so distinct and it tantalizes your taste buds. You will not get tired of the flavor because it is so rich. The cool part is this juice produces thick clouds that are a sight to behold. You can see these clouds clearly because these linger in the air longer. The scent coming from the juice is so fruity and refreshing. It right away makes your mouth water the moment you smell it. The throat hit is so mild that you will enjoy inhaling the juice all the time. You have the freedom to choose your preferred nicotine strength since there are three options to choose from. What’s great is there is no weird taste coming from this juice. All you can savor is the fruity flavored e-juice and it tastes so natural. There may be other products out there with a similar flavor but Smpl Juice has nailed it with the Orchard Fresh Eliquid. You get the best value for your money because a 120ml bottle of the Orchard Fresh Eliquid only costs $22.00. You can easily order the product at



Review of Coconut Cake by Cheap eJuice

If you want to get the best-flavored e-juices on the market today, always look for the Cheap eJuice brand. It has been around for four years and still giving you the best quality e-liquids. You are able to order these e-juices on the company’s website and their office is at Costa Mesa, California.

Coconut Cake e-juice is one of the company’s best e-juices. It is made with the rich flavor of coconut cake mixed with vanilla frosting, cream, and custard. It’s perfect for your everyday vape.

Flavor Description

You will right away taste the rich flavor of coconut cake once you inhale the Coconut Cake e-juice. As it seeps into your mouth you taste a hint of cream and custard with the final flavor of vanilla frosting. The mix plays around in your mouth pleasantly and it tantalizes your taste buds. You do not feel any chemical aftertaste and your mouth will not get dry vaping with this juice. You also will not feel thirsty at all which is very nice feeling. All you want to do is indulge with the richness of its flavor. There may be other products with a similar flavor but Cheap eJuice nailed it with the coconut Cake e-juice. It is definitely the best. The sweet coconut cake scent is so pleasing to the nose that you do not cringe when you smell it. It will make your mouth water.

Nicotine Strength

Once you try the Coconut Cake e-juice, you have two options with its nicotine strength. You can choose from the 3mg and the 6mg nicotine concentration. You know what you want from an e-juice, so the choice is yours.


There are no issues vaping the juice using your tank or dripping it because its juice has a medium thickness level. The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of the coconut cake e-juice is 70vg/30pg.

Throat Hit

When you inhale the juice, you will notice that it gives you a mild throat hit. You will feel the sensation in your throat but it is not irritating at all. The best part is you get to taste the rich flavor of coconut cake and still get the soothing feeling.

Vapor Production

Thick clouds are produced by the Coconut Cake e-juice. Once you exhale, you will notice how thick the clouds are and these do not disappear right away. There is also a sweet scent coming from the e-liquid that lingers together with the clouds.


Cheap eJuice has made this e-liquid perfect for vaping. The rich flavor captivates you and you just want to indulge in its sweetness. You do not get tired of the e- juice’s flavor and you just want to vape all day with it. You definitely can make this e-liquid as your juice for all times. It has been made from exquisite ingredients and that is why the flavor is so rich and the thickness of the juice is just the right. What’s best about this product is that it is very cheap. You can purchase a 120ml bottle for only $11.99. It can be ordered right away at

Review of iJoy Captain PD270


The iJoy Captain vape tank has a very sleek design. This is one of the best tanks that you can find on the market today. You e- juice’s flavor comes out the best and the cloud production from this tank will not disappoint you. This device has a threadless coil system which makes it faster to change the atomizers.

Packaging and Contents

Once you get to purchase the iJoy Captain you will notice right away that the box has been neatly designed. It comes in a black and white cardboard box. You will see that the image of the mod is in front and there is a short description of the device. When you turn the box around, you will see the list of contents and the features of the device printed on the back.

You will get the Captain mod and a micro USB cable that can be used for charging and updating. There is also a user manual included in the box and a silicone adapter for the 18650 batteries. There also are two brand new iJoy 20700 batteries.

Design and Quality

The design of the iJoy Captain PD270 is bulky to accommodate the large 20700 batteries. This device is 89mm by 48mm by 32mm in size and can accommodate atomizers up to 300 mm in diameter.

This device has 54 color combinations and has carbon-fiber stickers that cover most of its body. Once you get to feel the device, you will notice that the sides are glossy and are really nice to the touch. The stickers that cover the body are attached firmly to the device.

This device has a large square shaped fire button which takes up the entire upper half of the mod. You are able to activate the device by just clicking on this fire button. When you check further, the plus and minus signs of the mod are located at the other side. These buttons are just right under the OLED display. Under the plus and minus buttons is the micro USB port and this can be used for charging the device or for any firmware upgrades.

At the bottom of the mod is the battery door. It is easy to open since all you need to do is slide it outwards and push it up to open. What is great about this device is you can use the 18650 batteries as your back up to power it up. This can be done using the silicone adapter that is included in the box. You just have to insert the batteries into the adapter and just place the batteries into the compartment.

Menu System and Navigation

If you want to get into the menu of the iJoy Captain, what you need to do is press the fire button three times. You will be presented with five different icons once you are in the main menu. Pw is for Power Mode, Tc for Temperature control, TCR is for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, SET for Settings, and Reset Puff which can reset the puff counter. The way to navigate in between these icons is to use the plus and minus buttons. You also can access the respective sub-menus of these icons by holding down the fire button.

You can select a pre heat option in the power mode. You may choose from Soft, Normal, Hard, and User. The last option can open up an advanced menu. Here, you are able to set a custom preheat chart for the first 3 seconds of the draw. This will let you customize your vaping experience depending on your preference.

Temperature control lets you choose what material you are going to use. It can be from stainless steel, titanium, and Ni200. If you need to change the wattage in temperature control, you can use the plus button and on the home screen, you will see the W icon. This is the time that you can adjust the wattage. You can adjust the temperature using the minus button. The menu is really simple to use and easy to understand.


The iJoy Captain is an awesome mod and is the first mod to use the 20700 batteries. It is easy to use and has a really good look on it. You get the best value for your money with this mod because it only costs $43.99 and can be purchased at


Prepaid E-Juice By Broke Dick Review

Prepaid e-juice by Broke dick comes in handy and is one of a kind. With the many e-juices available in the market today, Broke Dick definitely has the best in store for you. The company is located at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL. Its online store also has all the e-juices that can satisfy your vaping needs. Prepaid is definitely the one.

Flavor Description

If it’s a tropical kick you want, this Prepaid e-juice definitely gives you just that. Once you take a hit on the vape, you can right away taste the blueberry and raspberry. As the taste sinks in, you can definitely get a feel of the strawberries and the watermelon with a little magic on it. It’s a refreshing taste and you feel like you are outdoors. The freshness of the taste gives you a sense of relaxation. Prepaid e-juice is flavorful and can make you forget that it’s just juice. The richness of its taste comes in the bottle.  If you love fruits and wants it every day, then the Prepaid e-juice by Broke Dick is definitely worth a try. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the tasty flavor of the Prepaid e-juice. This is just one of Broke Dick’s products that definitely can satisfy your taste buds. Inhale what is good and enjoy the comfort that it brings.

Nicotine Strength

The best e-juices provide you with several options based on your palate. Nicotine strength is the one factor that you look for in an e-juice. That is why Broke Dick provides just that and with their Prepaid e-juice; you get to choose from three categories of nicotine strength. There’s the 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. You choose which one is best for you and it will give you the right amount of what you are expecting.


Broke Dick looks after its customers and provides the best. The company gives just the right ratio in the e-juices. Prepaid e-juice has a ratio of 70vg/30vg which is an average amount for any one. All of us want to get enough of anything and the Prepaid e-juice gives you just enough ratio. You need not worry of getting too much or too less because it is always the average and just the right one from Broke Dick.

Throat Hit

Have you ever inhaled a vape that just makes that your throat hurt? That may be because the ingredients of the juice are not balanced. Broke Dick Prepaid e-juice has balanced ingredients that will give you a mild throat hit. It is not itchy or hurtful to the throat. Balance is what the company wants in all e-juices. With the Prepaid e-juice you get the right amount of throat hit at the same time all the flavors can be tasted in full once inhaled.

Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, Prepaid e-juice definitely gives you the right amount of clouds once exhaled. Broke Dick has provided a balanced cloud production for you cloud chasers. This best cheap vape juice gives you what is just the right one. The rich flavor and the average vapor

production can be found in the Prepaid e-juice. It’s also worth it because the clouds do not evaporate right on. They stay longer than many other vape juices. For anyone who is fond of clouding, then the Prepaid e-juice is the one for you.


With anything, we always look at the cost and the quality of a product. Broke Dick can give you the satisfaction of both in the Prepaid e-juice. The quality is already there and the product costs only $22. You see, it’s just the right amount for a 120ml bottle. The Prepaid e-juice comes with a rich flavor plus it also is worth the value for your money.  There are a lot of e-juices on the market, but Prepaid e-juice by Broke Dick is absolutely one of the best e-juices you can find.

You do not need to look far since it is readily available.The best cheap vape juice is available online.  Get some now and experience the richness of its flavor. It definitely is good quality.





NJoy King E-Cig Review

The Bold King electronic cigarette is a tobacco stick-style vaporizer that made waves in the market a few years ago. Although it has been around for some time, the King continues to be ranked as one of the most realistic cig-a-likes.

The award-winning King is the most popular product from NJoy. This e-cigarette is available in packs of 5, 10, and 100 which cost $29.95, $104.99, and $479.99 respectively. This adds up to about $5 to $6 for each stick. The King comes with three e-juice flavors; menthol, bold, and gold. The NJoy King Bold e-liquid has 4.5 percent of nicotine. The King Gold e-juice has 2.4 percent of nicotine, while the King Menthol has 3 percent. If you are a heavy smoker, you would like the NJoy Bold as it delivers a similar nicotine buzz to tobacco sticks.

The main disadvantage of choosing the NJoy King is that the company’s range of e-liquid flavors are limited. However, this is not likely to matter to most neophyte vapers. After all, there are only a few tobacco flavors, so smokers are not used to a wide range of tastes like advanced vapers.

Each King e-cig lasts just as long as an analog tobacco cigarettes depending on how frequent you take hits from it. The device comes with a lithium ion battery.

The NJoy King is just like a King Size tobacco cigarette. It even has a tip that lights up in orange color when you take a hit just like normal tobacco sticks. When the battery is low, the light on the tip will blink ten times to notify you to charge it. The King is disposable just like traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The vape device also comes with a squishy faux filter and is designed to feel like an analog cigarette in every way. It has the restrictive draw of cigarettes, and the nicotine level in the pre-filled cartridges is just enough to give you a warm, cigarette-like throat hit. Using the King would make it a lot easier for those who want to kick the habit of smoking analog cigarettes.

It is very easy to use the NJoy King. You do not need any knowledge of how vaping devices work. There is no firing button. The atomizer is activated when you take a hit from the faux filter mouthpiece. It is fitted with an organic cotton wick, unlike most beginner-level vaporizers that feature silica wicking material.

NJoy is a vaping company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has been producing e-cigarette products for many years and has earned a name for making some of the best electronic cigarettes for newcomer vapers. The company’s products include cig-a-likes and vape pens. If you do not like the idea of using a disposable e-cigarette, you can buy a rechargeable cig-a-like from NJoy. The NJoy Recharge Kit comes with an 110mAh battery and a USB charger. It also comes with a pre-filled cartridge with the slightly different e-liquid flavors from the NJoy King. The rechargeable NJoy vaporizer costs $5.99. NJoy products are available in the US and Europe.

The NJoy King Vaporizer is recommended for beginners. Advanced vapers may not enjoy using this even as a backup device. However, it may just do the trick for newbies. The cloud production with this device isn’t so great. But it wasn’t built for that. You will get a mouthful of smoke. Overall, the flavor of NJoy’s e-liquids is good. You can vape on them for a long time without any issues. The best part of this e-cig is that it is so small and light. With its cigarette-like design, do not be surprised if someone sees you vaping on this and mistakes it for a tobacco stick.

Blitz Warcraft RTA Review

Are you more interested in savoring the flavor of your e-juice than blowing clouds? Do you want a tank that looks stylish and also has good performance? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Warcraft RTA by Blitz Enterprises could just be what you’re looking for.

The Blitz Warcraft RTA looks awesome. There are clear and frosted glass in the package for the tank. Both options are nice, but the frosted glass has a unique appearance. The Blitz logo also gives the setup a nice touch.

One thing that stands out when you get your hands on this tank is that Blitz Enterprises pay attention to details. From the impressive packaging of the atomizer to its solid build, it’s clear this is a five-star product.

The Blitz Warcraft RTA is available at many online vape shops. It costs about $29.98. It is regarded as one of the best quality tanks in this price range.

The Warcraft RTA is mainly composed of stainless steel and has a dimension of 51mm by 25mm. It weighs 60ml. You can easily fix it on any mod using the 510 pin connection screw at the base of the tank.

The tank has a capacity of 4ml. The process of filling the tank is straightforward. All you have to do is remove the 8mm stainless steel threaded Delrin drip tip to access the filling holes. While the wide bore drip tip of this tank is fine, you do not have the option of using a standard 510 drip tip with this setup. Also, no extra drip tip or drip tip adapter is included in the package. This is a downside if you like to use a smaller drip tip. However, since this is not a device for cloud-chasing and more for enjoying the flavor of your e-juice to the max, the drip tip is okay.

You can adjust both the airflows when using the Blitz Warcraft RTA. But even with the airflow wide open, this RTA will give you a restrictive lung hit. You can also control the juice flow of the tank. This is particularly useful when using a light e-juice. It also makes it easier to refill the tank as you do not have to worry about spillage.

The Blitz Warcraft RTA comes with a medium-sized deck. You can use either a large or small coil. The RTA has a 3-piece design that enables you to remove the deck without draining the e-liquid in the tank. This can be useful if you have a filled tank, but you need to rewick or change your coil. There is absolutely no leakage with this tank.

There are two 3.5ml deep juice wells underneath the coils of this atomizer. This allows you to wick your coil easily and provides enough room for the e-juice to soak the coil. Thanks to these juice wells, you can use lots of cotton when wicking the setup.

One unique feature of the Blitz Warcraft RTA is that unlike other new atomizers on the market, it has a central airflow system which is designed to have the air coming in from the back of the coils.

The Warcraft RTA comes with some spare parts including O-rings and grub screws. This tank is recommended for beginners and intermediate vapers who are getting into rebuildable atomizers. It’s really a simple setup that will give you dense, warm vapor.

Blitz Enterprises, the company behind the Warcraft RTA, has several products including mechanical mods, authentic mods, and RDAs. One of the company’s popular products on the market is the Postless Ceramic Hanker RDA.