Employers and E-Cigarettes
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How long have you been vaping?
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Employers and E-Cigarettes

“Employers and E-Cigarettes” With the ever growing amount of ex smokers using w cig devices  is important to employers to understand all things e-cig so that can make an informed decision on whether or not to let employees vape at work.
“Employers and E-Cigarettes

An information PDF for employers, from the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association of the UK.

This Information Sheet from ECCA UK examines e-cigarette use in the workplace. It lays out some of the issues together with the positives and negatives surrounding the topic, with the hope that this will allow you to make an informed decision regarding your own premises.

The issues

Can an employer permit or prohibit e-cigarette use on their premises, indoor or outdoor?

Yes, an employer can do either. E-Cigarettes are not covered by smoking legislation since they have no connection with tobacco cigarettes except a visual similarity: there is no tobacco, no ignition, no combustion, and no smoke. An electronic cigarette creates a form of low-temperature steam. It has more similarities to a medical nicotine inhaler than a tobacco cigarette, although there are significant differences; for example, a visibility ingredient has been added to the vapor so that it can be seen; and as the vapor is designed to feel like smoke, the device heats the vapor.

Employers can prohibit any activity on their property as that is the right of any property owner. Employers can also allow e-cig use without penalty since there is no applicable legislation.”

Safe Vaping chart

what is safe vaping? I often get asked what watt/ volts should I vape at. Here is an easy to follow the chart.

As long as you know the Ohms of your head/wick coil then this chart will give you the suggested vaping watts/volts.

For example, if your wick and coil is 2 ohms then 4.5 to 8 watts is recommended or 3 to 4 volts.

Obviously, this is just a guide and you will find your own preferred watts/volts but this chart is just to give you a starting point.

How long have you been vaping?

Out of curiosity I would love to know how long you have been vaping for.

For me it is 3 months so far and still going strong.

How about you?

Please answer in the poll below, also if you wish to leave a comment please do so.

This poll is just to feed my curiosity and nothing more, the info that I get from the poll will not be used for anything else apart from getting an idea of how long you guys have been vaping.

Thanks for looking .

AGA-T Pyrex tank

The first thing I noticed about this is that it seems slightly narrower than the polycarbonate tank that came with the AGA-T originally.

The tank came well packaged and the edges of the tank are nice and smooth compared to some reviews I have seen where the edges are rough. Read More

Absinthe recipe

This recipe is a nice and simple one that is very effective and full of flavor.

It is a strong flavor and may not be to everyone’s taste, But for those that enjoy a strong e-juice. this may be for you.

So simple to make yourself.

This is a nice licorice flavor and it is a great color, it produces a nice green e-juice that has plenty of vapor production.


  • 54mg pg nicotine base
  • 0 nic PG
  • 0 nig VG
  • Liberty flights Absinthe concentrate

This recipe made up 20ml of 18mg nicotine, with 15% flavoring

  • 54mg PG – 10ml
  • 0 nic pg – 1ml
  • 0 nic vg – 6ml
  • Liberty flights Absinthe concentrate – 3ml

I didn’t feel the need to let this one steep at all. Just mix and vape.

This juice is very Moorish a taste that lingers and is really enjoyable after a meal, although I have been vaping this one all day for a few days now.

Pluid Recipe

This Pseudo pluid recipe was given to me by VapinKong on twitter, he compares it to Mad Murdocks radiator pluid.

This one will be a must try for me as I can not get radiator pluid here in the UK.

I would like to thank Brian for sharing this with me, I always appreciate it when people are willing to share.

His recipe is based on a 50/50 PG/VG mix so I am sure there will be plenty of vapor from this one.

He is using flavor art concentrates (Always good). And this mix is for 30ml of juice at 15mg nic content.

  • PG 9.75 ml
  • VG 9.75 ml
  • NIC (100mg) 4.5 ml
  • FA anise 4.5 ml
  • FA citrus mix 1.5 ml

I will be placing an order for the FA anise and Citrus mix so I can make up some of this juice ASAP.

Ry4 Recipe

Here is a ry4 recipe I just tried and liked.You may like to adjust it to suit your own tastes.Being an RY4 fan I decided to try my own RY4 mix and see what I could come up with.

This is a 60/40 PG/VG mix at 14mg but will give you the general idea of how to mix this yourself.

Please adjust to your own tastes to suit. And please remember taste in e-juice is subjective to your own tastes. Here is the ingredients and the mix %.


  • 54mg pg nicotine base
  • 0 nic PG
  • 0 nig VG
  • PA RY4
  • Capella Graham cracker
  • Capella waffle
  • Capella Bavarian cream

This recipe made up 50ml of 14mg nicotine, with 20% flavoring

  • 54mg PG – 13ml
  • 0 nic pg – 12ml
  • 0 nic vg – 15ml;
  • ry4 – 5ml
  • Graham cracker – 2.5 ml
  • Waffle – 1.25ml
  • Bavarian cream – 2.5ml

I let this steep for 2 days but may become more flavored with more time.

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