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New study confirms that chemicals in electronic cigarettes pose minimal health risk – source, CASAA.org
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Heavyweight Vaporizer Bout Crafty vs Pax 3

The original Pax by Ploom brought a wealth of innovation, a sleek design, and a top-of-the-line experience for vaporizer users around the world back in 2012. However, the original Pax suffered a few fatal flaws, such as the sticking mouthpiece. Four years following the release of the original device, the designers at Plum went back to the drawing board and produced a new and improved Pax 3. The new Pax 3 is smaller, lighter, and more powerful than its predecessor. But is it strong enough to knock out the Crafty? Continue reading for a head-to-head heavyweight comparison of the Pax 4 vs the Crafty.

Crafty vs Pax 3 Heating Mechanisms

The Pax 2 is designed as a 100% pure conduction vaporizers, which is the less efficient of the two models. On the other hand, the Crafty is a hybrid unit that uses both convection and conduction heating. In the beginning of the session, the Crafty uses a little bit of conduction to get the process started, and then it uses mostly convection heating from that point forward. The Crafty’s advanced heating method allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds, which is one of the ways the unit delivers a high quality of vapor. As a result, round one of the Pax 2 vs the Crafty goes to the Crafty.

Crafty vs Pax 3   Vaporizer Usage

First and foremost, one of the biggest problems with the Pax 2 is it doesn’t perform well with a partially filled chamber. This means that if you are running low or like to use smaller amounts, the Pax 2 will not produce as thick of a cloud of vapor. On the other hand, the Crafty doesn’t have this problem. Simply use the small liquid pad to act as a spacer for a smaller load, which pushes the herbs down so it will produce thicker vapor. The Crafty produces thick luscious cloud regardless of how full the chamber is packed, which renders it victorious in round two of the Pax 2 vs the Crafty bout.

Crafty vs Pax 3 Temperature Controls

Pax 3

The Pax 2 offers four different temperature settings, which is an upgrade from the three temperature settings on the original Pax. These temperatures range from 360F – 420F, while the original Pax was only 370F – 410F. Every temperature range is controlled through the temperature of the blend instead of the temp of the chamber. This new method is a clear improvement over the previous model, which allows the Pax 2 to offer more consistent draws compared to the original Pax. However, it doesn’t’ stand a chance against the Crafty.

The Pax 3 allows you to access 4 pre-set temperatures by pressing and holding the power button to enter the temperature select menu. There is also a 5th temp setting which is operated and programmed through the mobile apps. This makes interacting with the Pax 3 a fairly hassle free experience and really does not require a mobile device if you so choose.


The Crafty only uses two temperature settings, but you can set those temperatures at whatever you like ranging from 104F up to 410F through the awesome smartphone app, which is available on both Android and iOS. You can use the app to check battery life, control the temperature settings, and even see the temperature of the unit in real time. It can also be used to control several other features. This innovative app places you at the helm of your vapor ship, and you can steer as you choose. The Crafty app and superior temperature controls are a few facets the Pax 2 can’t contend.

Crafty vs Pax 3   Vapour Quality



Another major difference between the Pax 2 and the Crafty is the vapor quality or the amount of resistance in the draws. Simply put, the Crafty is in a class of its own. With one of the freest flowing vapor paths, this unit offers very little to no resistance. This is partly due to the high-quality all-glass vapor path of the unit. The low resistance of the Crafty allows you to pack it tight or loose as you like. In either case, you will always enjoy the same high-quality vapor no matter how you draw or pack the chamber.

Pax 3

On the other hand, the resistance in the Pax 2 is based heavily on the speed you inhale. Simply put, if you do not draw very slowly with the Pax 2, it will have a lot of resistance. As a matter of fact, the Pax 2 requires a certain amount of technique to truly enjoy your vapor session. This problem can be partially attributed to the mouthpiece of the Pax, which is explained in more detail later. With the Pax 2, it’s best to take slow long draws for anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds. The resistance of the Pax 2 is also affected more heavily by these factors:

  • How tight or full you packed the chamber
  • The type of aromatherapy you are vaping
  • The coarseness of the grind
  • The temperature you are vaporizing at

Simply put, the Pax 2 has too many factors affecting its vapor quality. While the Crafty effortlessly delivers knockout draws time after time. Round four of the Crafty vs Pax 2 goes to the Crafty.

Crafty vs Pax 3   Portability and Size

When it comes to size, the Pax is smaller than the Crafty. While the Crafty measures 4.3”H x 2.2”D x 1.3”W, the Pax comes in slightly smaller at 3.87”H x 1.21”W x .085”D. However, the real difference in size can be attributed to the weight of the devices. The Crafty weighs 136 grams, while the Pax only weighs 92 grams. In either case, both of these units are extremely small and light compared to the other portable vaporizers on the market today. For instance, the Ascent weighs 192 grams, the Haze weighs 193, and the Firefly weighs 241. In any case, you can still comfortably fit either the Crafty or the Pax in your pocket, but the Pax offers a more smooth and streamlined design. The Pax 2’s tiny size proves it victorious in this category.

Crafty vs Pax 3   The Knockout Round

One of the biggest problems with the original Pax was the sticking mouthpiece, which was solved with a new lip-sensing mouthpiece. The lip-sensing mouthpiece is a hole used for inhaling vapor approximately the size of a headphone jack located near the only button on the device. Although this innovative design allowed them to significantly reduce the size of the Pax 3, the unit can get hot if it is maxed out too long. Simply put, no one wants to put their lips on hot aluminum!

While this lip-sensing mouthpiece may have seemed like a brilliant idea, it proves to be more of a hassle than a functional value-added feature. Even though the temperature of the Pax 3 may not be hot enough to burn, it can be uncomfortable. Worst of all, using the optional mouthpiece of the Pax 3 doesn’t do much to mitigate the heat after a few draws. On the other hand, the Crafty manages to effectively draft heat away from the device and remain comfortably cool after repeated and continuous use, which is why the Crafty wins the final round of the Pax 3 vs Crafty bout…

Crafty vs Pax 3   The Final Scorecard

In the end, the Pax 3 offers several advancements over its predecessor, including increased portability from the smaller size of the device. Even with those updates and fixes, the Pax 3 doesn’t add up to the Crafty. The Crafty offers unparalleled vapor quality, outstanding functionality, and simplicity in use. Best of all, the Crafty always remains cool to the touch, which is something else the Pax 3 cannot do. On the final scorecard of the Pax 3 vs the Crafty, the Crafty remains victorious and cool under pressure!

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Proserpina by Cloud Alchemist Review

Today I was pretty excited to bust the seal open on this particular Cloud Alchemist’s Proserpina and begin this review. I was very much looking forward to seeing what the vendor has whipped up in their mixing room, so I eagerly grabbed a fresh dripping atomizer and the bottle of Proserpina and got to work.

Another reason for my excitement was that Cloud Alchemist Proserpina e-liquid is the first I’ve ever tested that compelled my wife, from the moment I opened the bottle, to ask when I was going to write my review so that she could smell it again. You can tell right from the start that this e-liquid is something special. This is a fairly sweet strawberry-banana mix flavor with a bit of dragonfruit to juice the vapor.

My initial reaction to this e-liquid was great, and it only got better. Check it out.

Product Name   Proserpina

Manufacturing Company   Cloud Alchemist, A Washington e-liquid company

Flavor Note   Intoxicating pomegranate and exotic dragonfruit swirled in strawberry-banana cream


Size  10ml  30ml  120ml

Nicotine Level   00mg 1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg

PG/VG Ratio   20pg/80vg   50pg/50vg

Strawberry Dragon Fruit Shake ingredients


The first hint of flavor I get from the Proserpina is a rich and ripe, smooth flavor. The banana is clearly the strongest flavor in the profile with a sweet candied quality that presents immediately. There’s a rich, ripe, intense flavor yet it still possesses a smooth, subtle creaminess thanks to the smoothie portion of the profile. Follow that flavor hint up with a swirl dragonfruit finish, and the end result is one tasty vape.

The sweet, ripe banana flavor and creamy element derived from the smoothie component are nicely complimented by the high, fruity notes of a strawberry overtone. This persists throughout the entirety of the vape lending it a sweet, berry quality and helping to cut through the creaminess with a touch of bright acidity.


The aroma is sweet. It smells like a light, creamy sweet dragonfruit with a strawberry twist. The smell and scent lingered in the air for about 30 minutes or so, and it made me crave more. There’s not much more to be said on the aroma, it’s pleasant and smells like a banana.

Throat Hit

Overall, this juice is delicious, and very fruit forward with a full-bodied mouthfeel and an excellent sense of balance. When vaped around 9 to 9.5 watts (4.8-4.9v on a 2.5Ω atomizer) it produces a smooth, mellow throat hit, a full round flavor, and abundant vapor for a 50/50 blend, earning the Strawberry Banana e-liquid by Cloud Alchemist a thumbs-up from me.

It’s very smooth, not light and not extreme.  On the throat hit, I’d list it at about 5 or 6/10. I could feel the smooth hit, so if you’re looking for a smooth throat hit, this one perfectly matches your style. When I fired up my tank loaded with Proserpina the 2nd and 3rd times I noticed the banana is still up front, but it’s mellowed out and developed a nice juicy texture thanks to the strawberry. The exhale begins with pomegranate and then hints of a creamy banana flavor that smooths it out, but instantly disappears just behind the dragon fruit. The flavor is excellent from beginning to end.

Final Thoughts On Cloud Alchemist’s Proserpina 

This has a smooth mixture and is very enjoyable. I love this flavor, and I will be buying a lot more of this one. It’s worth getting the 30ml bottles on this one, and I highly recommend this if you like strawberry banana liquid.  This is the best e-juice you can possibly get. Hurry now and buy it from cloudalchemist.com.

Review of Hades E-liquid by Cyclops Vapor


  • Weight:0.30 LBS, Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz
  • 65%VG/35%PG Made in the USA

Review of Hades:

The coffee that we like is a personal preference kind of thing. Whether we prefer it dark or light, decaffeinated or not, there’s a blend that’ suits everyone. We can choose the roast, variety, species, brew and grind type to fit our preferences. The complex flavor of a Mocha and Java bean blend makes it and balanced and ideal for an espresso roast vape juice – providing coffee characteristics that shine in a very dark e-liquid roast. Hades, Espresso coffee e-liquid blends made by experienced Cyclops Vapor typically integrate exceptional Robusta coffee beans for the perfect caffeine content and cream flavor. It can enhance the overall e-liquid flavor of the coffee.

When I heard that Cyclops Vapor was gearing up to expand their juice line and begin carrying the coffee collection, I was excited because they have done such an amazing job in the past with their other e-juices that I was certain they would do great with Hades, A coffee flavored e-liquid. When I received the Hades e-liquid for review, I was looking forward to breaking into it to give it the full treatment.

I forced myself to wait until the juice was well steeped, and when the moment finally arrived, I dove right in.

I dripped it into my fresh atomizer, patiently letting it soak for a moment, but deep down inside I knew that a complex coffee blend of purposefully naturally tasting roasted bean flavors was not as simple as one might think.The profile is deep, dark, earthy and rich, with a light, natural sweetness that is a very long way from cloying. The pumpkin presents right on the exhale, with a delicate, subtle blend of the traditional spice. The spice is mild at the top, but gains a bit more traction on the exhale where it’s met with a dark, roasted coffee flavor that, while not perfect, and does still includes some of the artificial tasting roasted coffee flavors that all coffee e-liquids seem to possess to some degree, it does come closer to the flavor of the genuine article than the overwhelming majority of coffee based e-liquids I’ve tasted.

The sweetness enters into play late in the exhale, gaining an even greater foothold towards the finish, but even then, it’s not particularly potent, acting as more of a complimentary flavor to the pumpkin and coffee, lending a light hint of sweetness and a greater sense of body without any candy flavor. The profile is one of a singular, cohesive chord that touches on all the notes presented, but does so in a way that leads to a tightly knit arrangement.

With the roasted bean and coffee all being deeper tones, there are very few top notes in play, aside from some of the spice, so the vape is mostly focused on bottom notes. Pair that with the additional element of a grain-based coffee flavor and the potential for a disastrously jumbled mishmash of a flavor profile is not only possible but probable. Cautiously, I took the very first pull…and there it was, a near perfect replication of the flavors that I am practically expecting for a coffee flavor. But more important than the flavors being correct, is the way in which they present themselves, starting with a basic bean/mocha mix that leads slowly into a subtle nuttiness, and finishes with the dark undertones of the cocoa bean.

All in all, this is easily one of the greatest reproductions I’ve reviewed. The coffee flavors do get a bit temperamental with too much heat putting the sweet spot between 8-8.5 watts or 4.5-4.6v with a 2.5Ω atomizer.

While this doesn’t provide much more than an average throat hit, the vapor production is certainly above average, and the flavor of an Ethiopian Harrar in Hades is positively priceless.

About Cyclops Vapor:

Cyclops Vapors Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are made in labs in the USA, and both are FDA approved. Their VG is derived from vegetable and not a by-product of the soap making process as is commonly used by other suppliers in the USA because it’s cheaper.

Cyclops Vapor develops e-liquid flavors using flavor molecules. This allows them to provide a unique service to their clients by allowing them to create or modify a flavor.

Cyclops Vapor only put three ingredients in their juices: PG, VG, and flavor. Cyclops Vapor DOES NOT put water or alcohol into their juices. Cyclops Vapor will NOT compromise flavor by watering down their product.

Cyclops Vapor are Vapers just like you, Cyclops Vapor won’t put crap into their bodies, and Cyclops Vapor doesn’t expect you to either.

Cyclops Vapor provides high-quality, premium blended e-liquids (also known as e-juices) for vapers around the world. Cyclops Vapor products are proudly crafted from only the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Cyclops Vapor products contain nicotine and are intended for use by individuals of legal age.


Weight:0.30 LBS
Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz

Grab it Now for $13.99

Vapor4Life Review

Vapor4Life places a lot of emphasis on people’s unique needs and the ability to have a range of options. I believe that this concept followed by Vapor4Life is one of the strong points and relevance of the electronic smoking revolution. To get an e-cig to match your distinct tastes and preferences you have the option to choose the nicotine strength, the cartomizer flavors, and the color of every piece of your kit from Vapor4Life. In preparing this extensive Vapor4Life electronic cigarette review, I found this (for me) to be one of the most unique and special qualities of V4L, though there are many others too.

This is quite striking compared to what other major players are doing in the market who are taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  This does not give customers as much leeway in choice. For Vapor4Life this is what makes them distinct and different from everyone else. And because of this, the company is one of the largest suppliers in the market. They are still able to offer exceptional value along with this huge selection and customization ability.  Electronic Cigarette Suppliers seem to be cropping up everywhere, yet due to the distinct path that Vapor4Life has made, it is highly regarded among the other 300 suppliers that have already entered the market.

Vapor4Life Titan   Legend Of A Market Giant


One of the pioneer introductions into the electronic cigarette market is the Vapor4Life Titan. It is based on the latest technology innovations presently available to the industry. Much like many of its previous products, this new offering will be widely available in many smokeless lounge and stores as well as in many websites across the Internet. This means that it becomes relatively easy to purchase for new electronic cigarette enthusiasts as well as those who have used these types of products for the considerable time already.

The Titan comes from one of the most respected manufacturers in the electronic cigarette industry, which has established a reputation for high-quality products. The Vapor4Life Titan is an excellent alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette that many smokers have come accustomed to. It delivers a good simulation of the hand-to-mouth practice as well as the sensations and effect derived from traditional smoking. The Titan has joined a vast selection of products and flavors that have been on the market since 2009.

Packaging and Design

The starter kits for the older brands share the same design, but also come with a USB charger, which is sturdily-constructed and black in color.

Battery Functionality

The battery provided for this product variant can be differentiated from those used in previous releases in some ways. Initially, the outer casing of the battery is designed with a smooth texture that gives a soft feeling between the fingers. The battery is also capable of producing more vapors compared to any other electronic cigarette brand in the market today. TheVapor4Life Titan battery is custom-made and is exclusive to this manufacturer, which means that there is virtually no chance of duplicating the vaping experience it provides.

The battery for the Titan comes in automatic and manual versions, which gives users more flexibility and control. The electric battery used with this product is sealed to make sure that overfilling of e-liquid can be avoided. The activation of the battery is made through the inhalation of the user and triggers the heating element that will allow for the vapors to be produced.

Older variants of these types of cells were never sealed, which means that users who are not very careful refilling their electronic cigarettes can ruin the battery accidentally. The process has been revolutionized with the introduction of the Titan batteries with the use of sealed electric batteries to prevent unwanted damages to the battery. This is a welcome development for those who enjoy electronic battery types.

The Titan batteries are sold in short, standard (regular) and XL lengths, which are all available automatic and standard models. This means that regardless what type customers prefer, they will benefit from the technology the Titan brings to the market.

Flavors and Vapor

Here is the vast choice of flavors available (more than 60 flavors to date) which no competitor has matched; aside from the choice of 7 strengths of nicotine ranging from 0mg to the highest at 36mg. There are great options for menthol lovers. The Peppermint & Menthol options are cool and have enough of a kick. Both options are very nice to vape.

Vapor Quality

Vapor4life gives excellent flavors that set them apart from other suppliers with regards to quality and assortment. The flavors are strong, bold, rich and even taste exactly as promoted. The enhanced WOW Vapor Cartomizers were particularly impressive and well worth the extra cost. They have signature Smileomizer that comes in a variety of applications for 510, 808, e-cigar, and also the latest V-Kit Systems, or you can select their prefilled cartridge options. These flavors are fantastic, and you could not ask for an even better selection. They offer refillable bottles of e-liquid which you can use a few times and get more value for your money. They may also be used in other e-cig models.

The Overall Design

Considered as a premier product, the Titan is part of an elite class of electronic cigarettes in the market. By paying close attention to all the components, Vapor4Life was able to achieve a distinctly high-end feel for the product. The manufacturer refers to this feature as the soft touch finish, which can be unique. This feature essentially makes use of a rubberized coating on the outer layer of the battery. The style can be closely associated with other brands in the market today.

It is a bit amusing that some customers become more fascinated with the finish feature of the product. Some clients even claim that the type of finish employed by Titan is similar to a silky feeling. The good thing about this kind of finish is that it is made of high quality, which means that it does not only flake off when customers consistently run their fingers across the finish of the electronic cigarette.

As a complement to the Park Avenue feels of the Titan, it is fitted with a bejeweled LED cap at the end. This is in stark contrast to the conventional electronic cigarette end caps in the market, which attempt to mimic the ash-like look of tobacco cigarettes for an authentic look. For the Titan, it makes use of a clear and faceted plastic jewel for the LED that shines in either white or blue color.

Since the electric batteries are sealed, there are no holes in the middle part of the battery connector. This is quite a useful feature for customers who enjoy dripping e-liquid for their electronic cigarettes. The design of the Titan comes in Diamond or Stealth modes represented by the LED tip. Contrary to the design of the Diamond model, the Stealth model does not have directed tip, which makes it more inconspicuous and draws less attention.


Product Performance

The claim of the manufacturer is that the battery has been custom designed exclusively for their vaping product. The fully charged battery gives off a 4.2 volts charge and would usually not give any indication of production drop off when the battery is wearing down. This translates to an excellently designed circuitry that is efficient in regulating battery voltage for increased product performance.

Moderate vapers can appreciate the type of performance that the Vapor4Life Titan can produce regardless of the kind of battery that they use. Of course, it is a given fact that the better the battery, the higher quality the vaping experience becomes. Even heavy vapers will be quite impressed with the performance that the Titan can deliver for a couple of hours without having to recharge.

The quality of product performance likewise relies extensively on the excellent combination cartomizers and batteries that work together to deliver a warm vapor from a relatively small resistance level of a little below the 2-Ohms range. When it comes to the throat hit and flavor, customers will be positively surprised at the significant variance that the Titan can provide. It is important to understand though that the amount of hit including the level of vapor is dependent on the chosen cartridge flavor.

Two of the more popular flavors in the market today would have to be the tobacco and cocktail flavors. The tobacco flavor delivers the traditional cigarette throat hit that would be ideal for heavy smokers. Those who desire a more neutral feel and performance can opt for other available flavors.

Shipping and Support

The shipping and customer support services that I experienced with Vapor4Life were excellent. My purchase appeared at my front door in two days! I sent them a pre-sales question, and they answered me promptly and extensively. They were pleasant to deal with, and I appreciated being their customer.

The take-away factor is that this is a superb device strongly suggested for beginner vapers and individuals on a small budget. The customer service is fantastic, it ships promptly, the flavors are very pleasant and powerful to boot, the manual battery change is very comfortable, the length of drag time is best at 7-8 seconds and also rather easy likewise; it all includes a throat hit that is great.

E-Cigarette Storage: Where to Put it All

You have all of your e-cig supplies on-hand: multiple batteries, e-juice, full and blank cartomizers, an atomizer for drip testing . . . it can get to be a bit cumbersome. If you’re like many vapers, your electronic cigarettes and related supplies have already taken over a drawer, cabinet or surface in your home. You have to have all of these supplies, though, so what’s the solution?

While we have no doubt that eventually the market will make up for this lapse and you’ll able to go to the department store and buy an e-cigarette caddy, that day isn’t here yet. In the meantime, we have a few suggestions from our own experience and the vaping community regarding some e-cigarette storage options.

Permanent Electronic Cigarette Storage

When we say permanent storage, we mean your bulk supplies. Extra backup batteries, blank cartomizers and other pieces of your e-cig collection need to go some place accessible, but you don’t necessarily need them with you at all times.

The best solution we’ve seen for the permanent e-cigarettes storage issue is the tackle box. Anglers use them to organize lures, and crafters long ago adopted this same storage method for beads, buttons, ribbon and other supplies. People even use tackle boxes for large jewelry and makeup collections on occasion.
When it comes to electronic cigarette storage, a tackle box is an excellent choice all around. You get multiple compartments, all easily accessible.  We’ve seen other methods like wooden chests, plastic bins, and even cardboard boxes, but the tackle box remains the best method for both organization and storage purposes.

Keeping Your E-Cigs Handy During the Day

At work and at home, you need to keep your e-cig handy, and that usually means having access to at least one standby battery and cartomizer. For this, you can get fancy, or go with something on-hand, and there are advantages to both approaches.

If you use something you already have available it saves you a purchase. However, the best option most people have around their homes that both carries electronic cigarettes upright and is portable is a glass or coffee mug. This approach may be fine for you, but we’ve heard more than one story about a vaper who – used to storing e-cigs in a coffee mug – accidentally gives their electronic cigarette a caffeine bath.

Instead, another innovative idea has been mentioned repeatedly around the vaping community: a toothbrush holder. This is one of the most creative approaches out there, and it works beautifully as long as your electronic cigarettes are of the slimmer variety. Each e-cig slides right into a toothbrush slot. Find the right one and you should be able to keep several batteries and cartomizers on-hand at all times, in a manner that allows you to pick them up and carry them with you when you relocate to another room.

Storing Your Electronic Cigarettes for Travel

When it comes to traveling with your e-cigs like Njoy e-cigarette or your vape mod, you have plenty of options. It really all comes down to how many supplies you’ll need to take and how you plan on traveling. One quick tip for airline travel, for example, is to buy pre-filled cartomizers or fill your own beforehand, because it saves you potential confusion and hassles when you try to bring e-liquid through airport security.

As far as your actual storage container, though, a pouch will generally be a better choice than a box for travel. Look for pencil pouches in the school supply section of your local store, or use a toiletry or makeup bag. These often have a few different compartments to allow for separation of your supplies.

Specially Made Storage

For larger, long-term storage, you’ll definitely need to consider a tackle box or other option, but for your everyday needs, you may be able to purchase something like the personal charging case (PCC). Something made by the manufacturer is going to be your best bet for size and usability, not to mention that the PCCs both carry and charge your e-cigs.

The above suggestions are only a few of the innovations we’ve heard about from the electronic cigarette community sites such as e-cigs forum and Ecig Reviews sites. With as fast as the industry is growing, though, we may need to update this article with new electronic cigarette storage options sooner than we might expect!

Ok, so what is an e-cig?

An e cigarette, or electronic cigarette is a device designed to produce vapor. This simulates the smoke found in traditional cigarettes. The vapor produced by the e-cigarette may optionally contain nicotine and flavorings.

Traditional electronic cigarettes are designed to look like regular cigarettes as well. They are tubes about the same length as a regular cigarette. e-Cigarettes feature an LED light at the end of the device that turns on when the user puffs, furthering the illusion of smoking.

e-Cigarettes are not combusted like regular cigarettes. They do not output the carcinogens and other chemicals that makes traditional cigarettes so dangerous. Electronic cigarettes also do not have the chemical additives such as ammonia commonly found in traditional cigarettes. Read More

Guide to vaping

It’s most likely that you found this page because you want to start “vaping”.


In most cases, you want to kick that nasty habit of smoking. On this page, we will help you through all the steps in purchasing the right electronic cigarette for you.

Most people are very hesitant about buying an electronic cigarette, this is because like all of us, we think “it’s too good to be true and won’t work. So we compensate by buying the cheapest kit possible to test that theory out. Now in most cases, that’s just fine, but once you realize that this technology has changed your life and you actually have managed to quit cigarettes, you will want more from your E-cigarette. We’re not saying buy the $200 kit. However, we are saying don’t buy the $20 kit. In fact, if you are optimistic about quitting and the budget isn’t so much of an issue then, we suggest a light E-cigarette mod.

Well, what’s the difference between a starter kit and a mod?

Electronic Cigarette starter kits are, in most instances, devices that are about the size of a cigarette and in turn make you think you are smoking one. Research has shown this is one of the areas why quitting with this technology is so successful. On one end of the spectrum, an electronic cigarette mod doesn’t look anything like a cigarette Usually they come in a box shape or a large tube shape. The difference, of course, is performance.

While a small E-cigarette is compact, the battery life is very short. In fact, you will probably not get through the day with one. A larger mod though has battery life upwards of lasting through 2 days easily. This is not the only difference, however. When you’re puffing a small 3.7-volt starter kit E-cig, you will find yourself ‘pulling’ it for a long time and not producing as much vapor as you would want. This is because 3.7 volts is just too low of a voltage for the average resistance atomizer.

So why can’t I buy a low a resistance atomizer for the small E-cigarette that came in a kit?

Well, the answer is you can! Yes, most people especially beginners, won’t know this is possible but you can put low resistance atomizers on your 3.7-volt E-cigs to compensate for the low voltage. This will allow for less ‘pull’ time on the E-cig and give you more vapor. BUT, it will never be the same as a mod E-cig. This is because many mod e-cigs use high amps and higher voltages to make the vapor vaporize faster.

So what is right for you?

If you know you’re not addicted to the feel of holding the cigarette in between your two fingers and, you’re optimistic about the new technology, we recommend a mod E-cig because in the near future you will be progressing this way anyway. At least most do. If you’re all about holding the cigarette in between your two fingers and the budget is holding you back, then most likely a starter kit is right for you. However, if you’re the person who just doesn’t believe you can quit with this technology, but want to give it a shot anyway, then, by all means, pick up a cheap starter kit and maybe throw on the low resistance atomizer.


New study confirms that chemicals in electronic cigarettes pose minimal health risk – source, CASAA.org

E-cigarette users can breathe a little easier today. A study just released by Professor Igor Burstyn, Drexel University School of Public Health, confirms that chemicals in electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) pose no health concern for users or bystanders. This is the first definitive study of e-cigarette chemistry and finds that there are no health concerns based on generally accepted exposure limits. Read More


E-Cigarette– An electronic cigarette is also known as ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System), it looks like a real tobacco cigarette, it feels a little heavier, however, when you exhale this emulates real smoke but is in fact, water vapor. Most e-cigs use 2 or 3 parts.

Mod– An electronic cigarette that is often bigger than your average cigarette. This is because a mod device has a removable battery that is much bigger and allows for longer usage time before battery recharges. Most of the the time a modded electronic cigarette allows for more voltage to the atomizer or cartomizer. This increases vapor production and less draw. Higher end mods are variable voltage usually ranging from 3 volts and up to usually 6 volts. Any mod that is no variable voltage usually run at about 5 volts which is an optimal voltage for most 2 ohm and 3 ohm.

E-juice/E-liquid- When using an electronic cigarette or as it is commonly known, an e-cig, you may be using a clearomizer or tank cartridge. You will need to use e-juice or e-liquid, in a flavor of your choice and choosing the right one comes down to quality and of course your own personal taste. There are other e-cigarettes which use pre-filled cartridges, and therefore you don’t need e-juices to use these as they simply screw on and when used, are disposed of (please note: when disposing of one of these cartridges, it may contain nicotine residue, so please dispose of the cartridge responsibly)

Tank- A cylinder that slides onto a cartomizer. The tank is a storage for e-juice that gets sucked into the bottom of a cartomizer when it needs it. When using a tank the cartomizers must have either pre-cut holes in the bottom incisions made by the user after purchasing or e-juice will not flow through to the coil making the tank useless. Tank capacities range from about 3 ml to about 6 ml of e-juice.

Atomizer- Also known as “Atty.” A cylinder with threads that screws into an electronic cigarette that houses a coil to vaporize e-juice. The atomizer is the main component in an electronic cigarette because its sole purpose is to vaporize the e-liquid and provide vapor to the user. Atomizers come in different resistances and come in single coil and dual coil atomizers.

Cartomizer- Also known as “cart” or “carto” Similar to an atomizer is houses a coil for vaporizing e-juice. The main difference is that cartomizers are much taller and have a cloth like material that absorbs e-juice allowing for more hits before having to refill. Unlike, atomizers cartomizers are meant for tanks as well which prologs the need to add juice for even longer.

Coil- A coil is the heating device in an atomizer or cartomizer. The coil receives the voltage coming from the mod and heats up e-juice until it’s vaporized. Coil’s come in all different resistances which mean the user must adjust voltage depending on resistance. If you are running 3-ohm atomizer or cartomizer the ideal voltage to be using ranges from about 5 volts to 5.4 volts. For a 2 ohm atomizer or cartomizer the ideal operating voltage is about 4.5 volts. Often times you will see a dual coil cartomizer or atomizer. This means there are two coils the heat up to vaporize e-juice. Just like a light bulb the coil inside heats up to high temperatures.

Bridge- A bridge is found in only atomizers and is what is connected to the coil. The bridge is what is touching the cloth material in pre-filled cartridges and sucks the e-juice toward the coil. The bridge is made up of a cloth like metal material that is easily seen when looking down into an atomizer. If a bridge is broken, dry hits can occur because no juice is getting to the coil and thus, nothing can be vaporized.

Variable Voltage (VV)- An e-cig mod that allows for variable voltage to the atomizer or cartomizer. Voltage is key when using different resistance cartomizers or atomizers.

Drip tip– A mouthpiece meant to be placed on the top of an atomizer which has a big enough hole to drip drops of e-liquid into the atomizers. Also used on cartomizers.

PG- Propylene Glycol, an ingredient in e-juice or e-liquid. Some juices come in different ratios of PG and VG

VG- Vegetable Glycerin, an ingredient in e-juice or e-liquid mixed with flavorings and nicotine.

Throat hit- A term used by e-cig users which mean how well you can feel the vapor going down your throat. A strong throat hit or feel is usually what people want as it replicates smoking cigarettes better. The main cause of a throat hit is nicotine content. PG and VG levels can also play a role.

510, 306, 801 connections – These are all form factors for different electronic cigarettes. This connection really refer to the thread style. For example, a 510 connection has the male threads on the atomizers or cartomizer. A 306 connection has the male threads on the electronic cigarette and not on the atomizer or cartomizer.

Analog- Term used to describe a real tobacco cigarette.

Cartridge- A pre-filled unit that holds e-juice in a cotton like material and that plugs into an atomizer.

Dripping- A term used to drip a few drops of e-juice into an atomizer. Dripping mainly refers to dripping into an atty through a dip tip.

Flooding- A term used to describe an atomizer or cartomizer that has too much e-juice in it. This will allow juice to gurgle through the drip tip and into the user’s mouth. Signs of this area gurgling sound or juice in the mouth.

Leaking- A term used to describe when too much juice has been dripped into an atomizer or cartomizer and leaks through the bottom and gets all over the users mod.

Low Resistance or LR- A term used to describe the resistance of a cartomizer or atomizer. Low resistance describes the coil within the atomizer. Low resistance atty’s are especially needed for 3.7-volt devices.

Passthru- A device that doesn’t run on a battery but instead plugs into usually a USB port in a computer. Some mods will allow on the go battery usage but a cable for also plugging into the computer.

PCC- A term used to describe a personal charging case for on the go charging.

PV- A term used to describe a personal vaporizer.

Starter kit- A term used to describe an electronic cigarette that includes all the necessary hardware to begin vaping.

Vape- A term used to describe the act of smoking and electronic cigarette.

Wick – A term used to describe a material the is used to carry the juice into the heating coil of the atomizer or cartomizer.

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find some frequently asked questions and answers. Thank you for visiting.

Q: What is an electronic cigarette?

A: The ones we sell, unlike other, more complicated electronic cigarettes, consist of a two-part unit; a lithium ion battery and cartridge. It uses modern technology to atomize nicotine and produce a very satisfying smoke-like “vapor”.

Q: What is the vapor, or what are you inhaling?

A: Food flavorings, water, propylene glycol, nicotine. Propylene glycol is a preservative that is found in many foods and medicines. Electronic cigarettes use no flame, do not burn, and can be smoked virtually anywhere.

Q: Does the vapor have an odor?

A: Yes. There is a faint smell to the vapor, often pleasant. It is not the nasty, stale cigarette smell. It varies depending on the flavor and the age of the cartridge.

Q: How does it work?

A: When air is inhaled through the device, it is detected by a microprocessor. This microprocessor then activates an atomized cartridge which injects small amounts of the nicotine solution into the flowing air. This produces a vapor mist which is inhaled by the user. The addition of propylene glycol (the same as a fog machine at a concert of play) to the liquid makes the mist resemble normal cigarette smoke. The microprocessor also activates an indicator lamp at the tip which glows orange/blue to simulate a real cigarette.

Q: How long do the cartridges last?

A: Many companies tell you the cartridges are equal to 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. This is not entirely false, but somewhat misleading. The nicotine content of one 24mg cartridge is about equal to 1 pack’s worth of nicotine in traditional (analog) cigarettes depending on the brand. Our experience has been that 1 pack of 5 cartridges lasts about 2-1/2 packs of traditional cigarettes or half a pack per cartridge.

Q: Will electronic cigarettes help me quit smoking?

A: Electronic cigarettes are not a smoking cessation aid. They are a smoking alternative containing nicotine, designed for smokers who want to enjoy the smoking experience without the chemicals and burning smoke found in cigarettes. Our items are for those 18 and above.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: Our batteries are long lasting, of course, usage will determine the recharge cycle needed. On average, 2-4 hours is normal. Some have reported longer use, some shorter.

Q: Do Electronic cigarettes taste like a normal cigarette?

A: Short answer – no. No one has ever been able to reproduce exactly the flavor in traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do however offer a variety of similar tobacco flavors, as well as other pleasant and unusual flavors for your enjoyment. Flavors do include your favorite candy and ice cream to soda, wine and whiskey drinks.

Q: How do I know when the cartridge is empty?

A: With an empty cartridge, there will be reduced vapor and taste. If there is a “burning” taste to the cartridge it is either empty or near the end of its life cycle.

Q: How long does it take to recharge batteries?

A: Normal recharge time is 3 to 4 hours.

Q: Do you have a warranty?

A: We offer a complete 14-day warranty on defective batteries and chargers.

Q: Can the cartridges be refilled?

A: Electronic cigarette cartridges are disposable, just screw on a new one. Some have reported refilling the cartridges with e-liquid, keeping them “in service” for a few extra days. We don’t recommend this as a standard practice. The internal atomizer of the cartridge functions at its peak performance for the “normal” life of the cart. Every time you screw on a new cartridge, you are getting a fresh atomizer. This will give you the best performance.